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Here are the best Heat Lamps For Birds options in the market today

Is your search for a new Heat Lamps For Birds becoming a pain? This is the place for you! Here is the list of the 10 best Heat Lamps For Birds with full product descriptions.

Best Heat Lamps For Birds Detailed Features :

K&H PET PRODUCTS 100537786 Snuggle Warmer 12V for Exotic Pet Birds, Small/Medium (3" x 5"), Gray

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  • PROTECTION: Protect exotic birds from the harmful effects of air conditioning and cold drafts
  • PERFECT TEMPERATURE: Thermostatically controlled to an optimum body temperature for birds to snuggle up to
  • LOW VOLTAGE: Uses harmless 12-volt, low voltage electricity to heat the bird warmer and is easy to clean
  • SAFETY: Safe, consistent source of warmth, stabilizes the bird's environment
  • HEALTH: Can reduce avian stress contributing to good health

Reptile Heat Lamp with Guard,100W Ceramic Heat Emitter Basking Heater Lamp for Parrots,Turtle, Snakes, Lizards, Frogs, Chicks (Small 100W)…

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  • Anti-scald Reptiles and amphibians like to approach the heat source,reptile heat lamp with guard is block the distance between the your pet and the heat source, avoid the risk of scalding and injury.
  • Far Infrared Heating This 100W Black infrared heat lamp is made of solid ceramics element, it has a perfect heat radiation feature and no light emitted 24hr Heat Source 100% Efficiency. Sufficient heat source will encourage healthy growth and development.
  • Suitable for Different Environment The cold season is coming, outdoor heating lamps are suitable for all kinds of cold and humid environments.
  • Switch&Anti-Biting Hanging Hook Design Made of high quality iron, capable of bearing strong force and less prone to deformation.The wire is covered with a thick metal wire to avoid the risk of electric shock for your pet due to bite.
  • For Pets Reptile heater guard are suitable for birds, parrots, reptiles, bearded dragons, tortoises and other small animals.

Zoo Med Labs Aviansun Deluxe Floor Lamp with Aviansun

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  • Provide your birds with UVB for growth, strong bones, and egg production
  • The fully adjustable goose-neck can be used in almost any position
  • Includes built-in reflector for maximum light and UV output
  • Designed for use with Zoo Meds Avian Sun Compact Fluorescent Lamp (Included)

Jomddems Reptile Heat Lamp,UVB Reptile Light with Holder&Switch,UVA UVB Reptile Lamp with Fixture for Lizard Turtle Snake Amphibian&Aquariaum(3bulbs Included)(E27,110V)

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  • 【Reptile Lighting Needs】UVA / UVB heating lamps can simulate sunlight, full-spectrum irradiation, provide daily ultraviolet intake for reptiles, stimulate appetite, accelerate vitamin synthesis, help calcium absorption and promote growth.
  • 【3 Spare Bulbs】Three spare bulbs of 50W,they have UVA/UVB that simulates sunlight. Ceramic sockets can withstand constant high temperatures. Suitable for incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, ultraviolet light bulbs and ceramic heaters.
  • 【Excellent Design】The ceramic heating lamp holder has heat resistance and safety. The flexible tube is sturdy and durable, can rotate 360° without deformation, and the lamp clip is firmly fixed on the tortoise tank of the glass container.
  • 【Adjustable Temperature Switch】The temperature of the heating lamp can be adjusted according to your needs to meet the needs of reptiles at different times. Sunlight is the best choice for all daytime reptiles.
  • 【Scope of Application】The heating lamp is suitable for most reptiles, tortoises, lizards, snakes, spiders, birds, amphibians and succulent plants. It is compatible with E27 bulbs.

M&M Cage Company - Bird Cage Light - Full Spectrum LED Pet Light for Soft Bill Birds - Simulates Natural Environment - Safe for All Soft Billed Avian Species - No Bulbs to Change - 18"

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as of November 23, 2021 2:14 am


  • **CHOOSE HOOKBILL OR SOFTBILL LIGHT: Select from the options below to choose the correct light for your type of bird.** ALLOWS YOU TO SIMULATE NATURAL PHOTOPERIOD: In nature, birds experience a cycle of light. This natural photoperiod triggers and regulates hormones in birds. Our scientifically developed birdcage light mimics these photoperiods by using consistent light intervals when connected to a timer for happier birds.
  • FULL SPECTRUM LED: Birds have different needs from reptiles, and commonly used UVB pet lights can be damaging to their eyes, leading to cataracts and blindness in some species. M&M bird lights feature a proprietary Full Spectrum LED, without UV, that is gentle on eyes, glare-free, and healthy to use at any distance.
  • BIRD SAFE: Unlike other bird lights, ours are designed to be safely used around soft billed birds such as finches and canaries, but are also a great and safe option for aquariums, terrariums, amphibians, and reptiles. For more destructive chewers or hook billed birds, we recommend our cage light with chew guard.
  • ECONOMICAL: M&M Cage lights come with everything you need to safely install and use your lights, including power supply, mounting hardware, and wire ties. With no pricey bulbs to replace and water-resistant housing for worry-free cleaning, you and your bird will enjoy our light for years.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Your bird can start basking in natural-looking, full-spectrum light in minutes! Attach lamp inside or on top of the cage, fastening firmly to the cage wires with the provided mounting brackets. Secure power cord using cable ties. Connect to a common lamp timer (not included) and start enjoying the benefits.

Fischuel Reptile Heat Lamp,Heating Lamp with Clamp, Adjustable Habitat Basking Heat Lamp ,UVA/UVB Light Lamp 360° Rotatable Clip and Dimmable Switch for Aquarium(Bulb Included) (E27,110V)

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  • - Replacement Bulbs:Provides two E27 bulbs 25W&50W,which has UVA/B that simulate sunlight. The Ceramic socket which can withstand constant high heat. Suitable for incandescent, fluorescent, UV bulbs, and ceramic heat emitters.
  • - Easy to Use: Just choose the right spot, and fix the clip firmly that the fixture is securely attached and aimed at your pet’s favorite basking spot.
  • - Multiple Custom Adjustment Modes:A good sized 40-inch power cord has a dimmable switch allows you to simulate the natural sun and help to adjust the biological clock through brightness and temperature.
  • - Flexible Designed:Extramely flexible 11-inch goose-neck can be rotated in 360 degrees, and securely clipped onto a terrarium.
  • - Use Range:Suitable for most reptiles, birds, amphibians and succulent plant.

Tiyano 100W Ceramic Heat Emitter Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb No Light Emitting Brooder Coop Heater with Anti-bite Iron Tube & Shade of Pet Safety Heat Lamp

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  • 【Far Infrared Heating】Ceramic heat emitter bulb improve blood circulation of a variety of pets;to activate the pet molecular activity;enhance pets' metabolism, improve the immune function of pets so as to offer the pet a suitable temperature environment.
  • 【GRID AND SAFETY】 The metal grid of the heating lamp is easy to open and close, and the ventilation performance is excellent. The anti-bite galvanized iron ring makes the bulb safer to use.
  • 【Solid Ceramic Components】Reptile heat lamp is made of solid ceramic components and is suitable for various wet ecological environments. Cold season is approaching, the outdoor temperature lowering heating lamp is suitable for various seasons and various animals.
  • 【APPROPRIATE SIZE】The size of the heating lamp is approximately 2.80 * 4.1 inches. We will provide 50w, 75w or 100w heating lamps for your choice.
  • 【WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS】Bulb reptile Heating lamps are suitable for birds, parrots, reptiles, bearded dragons, tortoises and other small animals.

Reptile Heating Lamp and Plant Lamp, with Adjustable Temperature Switch and 360 Degree Rotating Metal Hose, UVA UVB Suitable for Lizards, Turtles, Plants and Other Reptiles and Plants..(with 2 Bulbs)

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  • 【High Quality Bulb】Reptile Lamp use silver plating process to make sure anti-oxidation & explosion-proof.
  • 【Scope of Application】The ceramic socket can be used with E27 halogen lamp/heater/ultraviolet lamp/infrared emitter, etc. Suitable for reptiles, amphibians, plants...
  • 【 Product Function】Can prevent tortoise soft shell disease, help digestion, and have obvious prevention and improvement effects on the disease
  • 【Features】It has a clip with super clamping force and a metal hose that rotates 360 degrees
  • 【Safety and Service】Safe materials and UL certified give you peace of mind. For any questions or product problems, welcome to contact our professional & 24 hours online services team.

Simple Deluxe HIWKLTCLAMPLIGHTM Clamp Lamp Light with 8.5 Inch Aluminum Reflector Up to 150 Watt E26 Socket (No Bulb Included) 6 Feet 18/2 SPT-2 Cord, 1-Pack , Silver

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  • Multifunction: can be used as a table lamp in your room, garages or art studios, a work light in photography and workshops, and even a growth light for indoor plants
  • Material: 8.5inch aluminum reflector, 150W max phenolic plastics lamp holder (E26). Type A lamp. (Note: The temperature of the lamp holder will rise after use, do not touch it with your hands)
  • Function: the clip is firm and well fixed, 360° adjustment, the direction of the light can be pointed to where you need.
  • Specifications: 8.5X4.25X10 inch, rated for up to a 150-Watt bulb.
  • Package include: 1-pack 150W 8.5inch aluminum reflector clamp on light fixture (No Bulb Included)

SLASHCOOL 25W Reptile UVA UVB Lamp - Upgraded Lengthened Adjustable Stand & Socket - for Birds Brooder Coop Chicken Lizard Turtle Snake Aquarium Habitat Heat Lamps with Bonus Light Bulbs - 2-Pack

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as of November 23, 2021 2:14 am


  • All reptiles generally need to bask in sunshine every day, at least for a few hours. UV-A light for their metabolism, mood regulation as well as for breeding. UV-B light helps their bones and other organs.
  • Our lamps cover a bigger space with a pair of clip lamps for extra warmth and bright light to mimic sunshine and produce UVA and UVB lights.
  • The rotating lamp head with lengthened adjustable stand allows you to fully turn the lamp up or down, left or right in any direction you need. Shine the spotlight exactly where your turtle, lizard or birds prefer.
  • UL Listed and CE Certified: Safe materials and an easy control switch give you ease of use and peace of mind. And, the ceramic socket holds regular light bulbs, heater bulbs, UV lamps and infrared emitters.
  • Multi-functional for Animals or Extra Lighting: Use anywhere, from projects in your office to automotive hobbies in the garage. Or use with any animal’s cage, from snakes to fish and parakeets to frogs.


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