10 Best Humane Rat Traps

How many people are wondering what is the perfect Humane Rat Traps available on the market? Seems like you’re one of them too!

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Different Humane Rat Traps brands, models, and features: what are the best options?

Pick the Humane Rat Traps that is most suitable for you in our list of the top 10 Humane Rat Traps available.

Best Humane Rat Traps Detailed Features :

Large Humane Rat Traps, Set of 2, Catch and Release Chipmunks Into The Wild, Cruelty Free, Live Capture Plank Trap, Smart No Kill Rodent House Cage, A Friendly Pest Control Solution

$18.97  in stock
as of October 17, 2021 2:07 am


  • Cruelty Free Gold Star Traps - Offers a solution to the growing number of consumers troubled with killing animals but who are in need of quick and effective rodent control. The Kat Sense Smart Live Capture ventilated rat trap provides a method to catch a rat without killing the rodent. It utilizes bait to lure the rat into the trap and as soon as it does, the door snaps shut. The captured norway rat stays inside the trap until it is released in an open area away from home.
  • Child & Pet Protection - This method avoids the need to use glue traps, dangerous bait block or snap traps to catch that loose mouse in the house. Very safe to use even with children around, unlike the use of mouse pellets which may be ingested accidentally by little children.
  • Recommended By Animal Rights Organization - The rat or chipmunk can stay inside the trap and munch on its snack until it is set free in an outdoor area. Because the mouse is not killed, this solution is ideal for animal lovers. In fact, it is recommended by humane societies in America and around the world. Such as PETA
  • Peaceful Solution To A Pesky Problem - This temporary holding cell for rats is cheap, effective, and cruelty-free. It uses a trapdoor-type of entryway to quarantine mice, chipmunks, and voles. The Smart Rat Trap can be cleaned and reused as many times as needed. You’ll be thrilled with this quick and humane mouse control. The Best Mouse Trap money can buy - these mice traps are a fast, safe and a perfect solution.
  • New Clever Design - Makes a wonderful gift for animal lovers; This is indeed a better mousetrap other ways are just cruel and unnecessary. These traps are molded from tough non-absorbent quality polystyrene that cleverly catches mice without killing them. Measures 9.4" x 3.2" x 3.6" Features an integrated bait cap to hold attractant or bait, providing even better results. Comes with (2) mouse traps with instructions inside and tips about trapping rats & mouse-proofing your home.

Kensizer Humane Rat Trap, Chipmunk Rodent Trap That Work for Indoor and Outdoor Small Animal - Mouse Voles Hamsters Live Cage Catch and Release

$17.99  in stock
as of October 17, 2021 2:07 am


  • Humane Rat Rodent Trap - After catching them, you can release them at any time. Product Size: 10.5 x 5.5 x 4.5. If you want to catch a big one, please choose a bigger size.
  • Light Weight Galvanized Steel - Sturdy and Durable, the finest wire mesh won't be bitten open by those small animals' teeth. It's not fit for opossum or big squirrel, since they can bite the trap broken and escape.
  • High sensitive trigger mechanism - Once the trigger is touched, the door will be auto-locked immediately and keep the critters in it.
  • Exclusive Patented Design - Innovative, efficient and easy to use, it's widely recognized by the users. Rat trap that work for chipmunk, rat, mouse and other rodent animal.
  • Premium Customer Service - If it's damaged in a half year, please contact us and show us the pictures and we will send you a replacement.

Gingbau Live Chipmunk Trap Humane Rat Mouse Cage Trap

 in stock
as of October 17, 2021 2:07 am


  • Catch animals alive, then release and relocate the unwanted guest far away as you like
  • Constructed of sturdy galvanized steel, lightweight but durable
  • Easy to set up, detailed user manual included
  • High sensitive structure to catch rodents and auto door lock to prevent them from escaping
  • 10.5 x 5.5 x 4.5 inches cage trap, ideal for chipmunk, rat, mouse and other small size animals

RatzFatz Rat Trap Humane Live Animal Cage, Catch and Release Mice, Rats, Chipmunks, Small Squirrels and Other Rodents, Hook Design(Pack of 2)

 out of stock
as of October 17, 2021 2:07 am


  • SIZE-12.6x5.1x5.1in / 32x13x13cm, ideal for catching Mice, Rats, Chipmunks, Squirrels, Hamsters and Other similar-size rodents. Suitable for Indoor and outdoor
  • DESIGN- The trap is sensitive and effective. It could quickly capture those nuisance animals without hurting or killing them. Safe for kids and pets.
  • MATERIAL- The trap is made from galvanized iron wire. With surface paint, it’ s durable and corrosion resistant. Also easy to clean and reusable. After releasing the captured animals, you can use it again.
  • INSTALLATION- very convenient. Easy to set up. Just follow the Instruction Manual. Detailed instruction manual with Pictures included.
  • WARRANTY- We offer our customers 1-Year-warranty. If you have any questions or concern, feel free to contact us. We will offer you the best solution.

Trap Top Live Animal Trap, Excellent Chipmunks, Rats & Mice Humane Cage Trap, Just Catch and Release

$19.99  in stock
as of October 17, 2021 2:07 am


  • Professional Classic Chipmunks Trap - The best humane way to solve your chipmunks, mice, rats, or other annoying rodents problem. Catch, Release & Reuse.
  • Absolute secured for Kids and pets - One way chipmunks size cage trap. Put some snacks critters love using the baiting plate. Ideal for Small/Medium Rodents. No Kill One-Door Animal Catcher.
  • Most Effective and Easy to Set - Ready to use & get rid of rats and chipmunks very quick Outdoor & Indoor summer & winter. Rat Traps That Work.
  • Don't worry about rust. Light Weight Galvanized Metal Structure - Sturdy and Durable, the finest wire mesh.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE GUARANTEED - No questions asked money back guarantee. Simply return the traps to Amazon for a full refund……Excellent 1-DOOR TRAP.

2-Pack Mouse Traps, Small Animal Humane Live Rat Cage Traps for House Indoor Use to Catch and Release Mice, Rats, Mouse and Small Rodents

$23.98  in stock
as of October 17, 2021 2:07 am


  • 【Medium Sized Dimensions】- L: 10.6’ x W: 5.5’ x H: 4.5’. Great choice for catching rats, mouse and mice. !!!PLEASE NOTE: It is not suitable for large rodents. Like squirrel.
  • 【Extra Thick Wiring】 - The traps are made of thick and durable wire mesh to prevent animals from chewing or clawing, which is also reducing the risk of human-rodent contact.
  • 【Easy to Bait and Set】 - Simply raise the door and place baits on Pedal and attach the lever to the trigger bar to set.
  • 【High Sensitive 】- Once the mouse is going to this trap, the trigger is touched, the door will be auto-locked immediately and keep the critters in it.
  • 【Reliable & Reusable】- After an animal or rodent is caught, you can release them at any time, and the trap can be re-baited and used over and over again.

Kat Sense No Kill Mouse Traps, 2 Pack – Humane Mouse Traps for Indoor & Outdoor Use – Reusable Humane Rodent Trap for Small Rats, Voles, Chipmunks, & Hamsters – Pest Control Traps with Patented Design

 out of stock
as of October 17, 2021 2:07 am


  • Completely Humane - The catch & release method that our humane mouse trap relies on doesn’t kill, it causes zero pain or suffering, and is 100% cruelty-free. Our mice traps have endorsements from animal rights groups worldwide.
  • Simple To Use - Kat Sense mouse traps are simple to use. Open the door. Position the bait inside the food compartment. Open the spring door with its upgraded trigger system. It’s that easy! The clear, see-through design offers fast inspection.
  • Safe - Kat Sense mole traps are perfectly safe to use around children and pets. We don’t employ any poisons in our rodent traps. No glues or chemicals are used and no electricity is needed. KatSense traps feature a fully patented design
  • Easy Clean & Reusable - Our humane mouse traps are easy to clean and completely reusable. To wash, use soap and warm water. KatSense catch and release mouse traps also work with rats, chipmunks, voles, and even hamsters.
  • Hassle Free Return- We fully believe in our product. To show you just how much, if you are for whatever reason not happy with your purchase, we will provide you with a full refund of your investment.

Joozer Humane Rat Trap Live Mouse Trap Indoor Animal Cage Multi Catch and Release 2 Door Large Bait Cage Reusable Chipmunks Squirrels Voles Raccoon

$28.99  in stock
as of October 17, 2021 2:07 am


  • 【Humanized Designed With Physical Mechanism】Independent bait settings can attract animals by smell. The cage can only enter. There is no sharp device inside. The rear door device is combined with the handle to facilitate your subsequent release, ensuring that people do not come in contact with animals during the release process, and reducing discomfort caused by contact.
  • 【Integrated Stamping Technology】Lightweight galvanized sheet material is used, which minimizes the vulnerability of the old metal wire mesh to be bitten by animals and cause damage. It is strong and rust-proof, combined with drilling and ventilation design, will not be sealed to produce peculiar smell, and the edge passivation treatment also avoids children's accidental touch.
  • 【Easy To Clean and Reusable】The 70% hollow design allows you to easily flush any corner of the cage with a water pipe, and it is very convenient to drain. After cleaning the inside and outside of the cage, place it in an outdoor ventilated and dry place. The galvanized material does not rust, which can ensure that we use it repeatedly for a long time, clean and environmentally friendly, and have no peculiar smell.
  • 【High Sensitivity Switch and Optimized Size Design】The total trap size is 11.81*7.48*5.11. The trap capacity can hold 4 pcs at the same time. The opening size of the trap is 3.14*3.14. This size can ensure the easy entry of most animals, convenient and safe, the lightweight door will not affect the advancement of the animals, and the arc treatment at the bottom of the door also minimizes the chance of escape for the animals.
  • 【Easy to Set Up and Install】After releasing the animal and cleaning the cage, we can put food into the bait area, then push the door open and stabilize the mechanism with a shelf, and then place the cage in the bait area. The entire operation will not exceed 30 seconds. Very easy and simple, and the use process is silent, no risk, suitable for various indoor and outdoor scenes.

Humane Mouse Trap | 2 Pack Catch and Release Mouse Traps That Work | Mice Trap No Kill for mice/Rodent Pet Safe (Dog/Cat) Best Indoor/Outdoor Mousetrap Catcher Non Killer Small Mole Capture Cage

$17.95  in stock
as of October 17, 2021 2:07 am


  • Upgraded - Blinc's mice traps have a new design that prevents the mouse from dying by added air holes. This is a No Kill Mouse Trap, so we do our best to keep it that way. This humane rat trap/mice trap is made from the best ABS material.
  • Safe - This live mouse trap has no poison. It is safe for both pets and children. Our mice traps indoor and outdoor, not only wont kill mice but are also not dangerous for your home.
  • Easy to Use - With a simple bait compartment and a touch sensitive lever, these live mouse traps are simple to set up and effective to catch.
  • Reusable And Easy to Clean - Made from supper fine ABS plastic our mouse traps are super easy to clean so they are ready to reuse immediately.
  • Keep Your Home Rodent Free With Blinc

2 Pack Extra Large Humane Mouse Traps No Kill, Live Mouse Trap, Reusable Rat Trap Catch with Handles(11.8 X 3.8 X 4 inch) XL

$29.99  in stock
as of October 17, 2021 2:07 am


  • Upgraded Humane Mouse Traps: Compared with the old mouse trap, we have upgraded the size to accommodate large and small rat. Large space prevents the rodent from being caught by the spring door. Live mouse trap design of the handle ensures that you have zero contact with rodents, protects you from the risk of rodents bites, scratches or diseases, and makes it easier for you to transport rodents to places several miles away.
  • Detailed design: Humane mouse traps have designed 18 air holes for mice to breathe. The edge of the spring door is a U-shaped hole design to prevent large rats from getting caught in the tail after mouse traps no kill. Live mouse trap is for those who do not want to see small animals suffer. Said to be perfect.
  • Easy set up: Turn on the switch above the bait room, push up the bait room, put in the bait, open the spring door, and place humane mouse traps where mouse can easily haunt. If you need to release the mouse, just open the bait room and let the mouse escape from the side of the bait room. Mouse traps no kill can be used again after washing with clean water.
  • Widely used: Compared to the old mouse trap, humane mouse traps can work anywhere. Suitable for all kinds of cold, humid and dusty environments. Live mouse trap must be checked daily to prevent rats from starving to death in the mouse traps no kill.
  • Safe for children and pets: Humane mouse traps are no poison, chemical, and electricity-free, and mouse traps no kill mechanism uses a non-contact device. You don't have to worry about children and pets being caught by the live mouse trap.


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